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Merry Christmas and happy holidays guys. :D
Okay... so the bad news (is it ?) is that the begginer / rookie thread is stabbed, shot, booted, phasered, torpedoed, railgunned, decapitated and thrown away like yesterday's bad lasagna. Case and closed.

Thus: please listen carefully, no more begginer stuff is accepted ... EVER

And yes there will be butthurt out there, but as long as there are 2-3 persons out there out of the 200 something watchers that open up the group deviantWATCH window and enjoy their moring coffe with some badass warhammer art and find some new pieces that they haven't saved or fave'd, well ... dammit I'm god damn happy.


Ok so i've been thinking about this for some time. The rookie folder is going agains pretty much everything the group stands for and the featured folder was really riddled with crappy sketches and I don't think anyone likes that.

Please please think about what you are posting in the rookie folder. If you want to improve your art and you really think it's worthy of posting here please do so; but keep in mind it has to be better than a 5 minute sketch on a math paper .
This community ( lol we're a community :D ) is about gathering awesome warhammmer  art but also helping out the fellow artists; so here's a offer one of our contributor gives us:


You can view my artwork and price here:…

I'll base the miniatures prices on games workshop list and figure out if its package A or Package B. Package A is $70-$100 worth and Package B is $100-$300 worth.

send me a about the artworks details.

when the deal is made contact: Hobbytown USA - Fresno,
102 East Barstow
Tel no:             559-435-3342      
order the item and send to drop off address in Anaheim, California.

When I receive the package, I will send you the sketch.

Once you confirmed the sketch, I will start painting it and send you the finish artwork.
So dude to high demand and tons of new members, I've taken into consideration about making two new folders.

1. One for beginner artists that don't make it in the regular folders, where we can help them evolve and give them constructive criticism.
2. And the other one being with warhammer miniatures.

what do you guys say ? 1 or 2 ? or both ?

= also the positions for contributors and co-founders are still open to who wishes it.
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"You are not free whose liberty is won by the rigour of other, more righteous souls. Your are merely protected. Your freedom is parasitic, you suck the honourable man dry and offer nothing in return. You who have enjoyed freedom, who have done nothing to earn it, your time has come. This time you will stand alone and fight for yourselves. Now you will pay for your freedom in the currency of honest toil and human blood."

- Inquisitor Czevak Address to the Council of Ryanti












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drogan10000 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  New member
soldiers of the emperor tell me your names one by one i want to now all the members
Kirchos Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Hi all I've tried to add some cosplay fotos to the groop but they all expired (( is here anybody alive? Check out my page for cool WH40k cosplay from Russia
RoluevasVasReisa Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2014
Hello, i found your group and i am sorry if you dont like people commenting your group but i didnt know where else to turn to and you guys have the biggest Warhammer group on here
all i want to ask is if there is anyone in this group that lives in New Jersey? I live in NJ and am desperately trying to start a group for people to hang out physically and play the game. ive delt with numerous clubs that were either corrupt and broke the rules, racist, extremely homophobic, or extremely hostile against children and while i am none of those things, parsay for the gay one sort of complicated, i dont support or appreciate their kind of hideous disturbing offensive attitude so i am desperately trying to find Anyone playing the game in my state and trying to get a group going

its porbably an extremely slim chance but i havent played the game in months. Not since around summer, and i so badly just want to be a part of the game again so if anyone Anyone plays the game and lives in NJ please let me know. i know it is a super slim chance. Warhammer is not as popular in America as it is in Ireland and the UK and its probably even less popular in NJ but i would really badly love to play this game again. Also i am Not trying to take members away from your group, im only trying to find people to hang out with and play with physically so i hope you dont mind my comment.
Andy-Butnariu Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Nah man,we really don't mind, and I hope you find a few people to play with. I'm in the UK at the moment so no luck there haha
RoluevasVasReisa Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2014
haha yeah thanks man =) theres almost no one here that plays it. Oh sure there are people who play at local stores but when you go into a local store its like spinning a roluette wheel or game show wheel where you see what kind of people will be there, either:
homophobes/ racists/ sexists/ or elitests constantly cursing off insulting and shouting at everyone they see and taking the game to a cult like extreme
so yeah fun times 0_0

ahem *clears throat*  needless to say most people that go to gaming stores in America....... are pretty bad and vile >< so i have to try my hardest to reach out and find anyone to play if i want to play the game so thank u for the support man =) even if u are in the UK
sub-frolof Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2014
so, why was my art declined?…
ComboBreakerGames Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey, I was wanting to post my sprites to your group, but I accidentally requested to be a member instead of requesting to be a contributor. I don't know how to fix it because I haven't been on deviant art long.
RFcasting Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2014
Hi, is it OK if I ask on here for those who would be free to do a commission? I'm only after concept sketches/studies at this stage for fleeing/scared civilians - potentially leading to further work for finished pieces as this will be going alongside having my sculptor turn these into miniatures for a diorama/possible sale.
chaotea Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2014
Hi there, just wondering what kind of screening you do for submission. Do you only accept very high quality stuff?
Andy-Butnariu Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Pretty much man, and it has to be like very canon and lore friendly. Also no miniatures or 3d models if they don't have a background.
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