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Dear Admins,
Dear fellow Contributors,

I know that this may be better fitting in a note; I tried it there, but since I guess nobody saw it, for I got no answers (those little, beasty notes are well-hidden) I try it this way, since it is also an issue for the whole group.

Sorry for the wall of text, I am a woman of (too) much words. ;)

First and foremost, I want to thank you all for accepting me into your elitist circle. It is an honour for me and you can't possibly imagine how happy and proud this makes me, by "just" being a pencil artist.

And - since I hate to leave such kindness unacknowledged - here is the only thing I can do to repay you with:

Since I have already noticed that admin activity is sadly quite limited and therefore no new stuff gets accepted - which is a pity, groups like this are rare and it would be a shame to let it die - I would like to offer myself as Admin, as a judge whether a piece of art or an artist is to be let into this group (though I know that the latter can also be decided by the Contributors ).

Ok, some of you may say now: "She only does pencil art, and only has two well-drawn pieces in her gallery, how could she possibly be the judge of any other kind of art?"
True that.
Though I was not able myself to do "anything else" than pencil art, I daresay I have a good eye when it comes down to composition and colours. I know the theory of it, I have read countless books on it and in the very near future I will attend several art classes to improve my techniques and finally get something practically done, for I have decided for myself that I want to study art, but to do that, I need a bit more pre-education.

I am dedicated.
I am pedantic.
I am deliberate.
Hell, I am on FIRE, since it seems that I am just getting started with my stuff.

And I have dedicated a lot of my energy to being a fair and deliberate judge. I do a lot of proof-reading and reviewing on another site and diplomacy is always the thing. I know I haven't commented on that much art around here in a critical manner, but I know I can. Yes, this is a weak argument. However, all I ask for is a chance to prove it.
I think I would do nice in this position. But I need permission for that.

I am around deviantART every day, active as ever, and I have a lot of spare time to give to this group, for I would hate to see it die.
I know that the current admins struggle with real-life, hell, we all do, and believe me, I've been there and done that. But if you love this group, I ask you to let me help you, I offer myself for this job, well-aware that it will take a lot of my time.

But I don't mind.

So, let me help and give something back from all the happiness that being part of this group has given me so far, though none of my works have been accepted, since they have alle expired or I have withdrawn them in time that they don't expire. ;)

Let me know as soon as you can.


PS: Again, I am sorry if this is somewhat inappropriate as a journal entry, but I think this needs to be heard by all.
I've just had an unpleasant conversation with someone who did not want to accept that his "artwork" did not meet the criteria of the group. I will make every effort to explain why a piece has been declined, and encourage improvement (its not always possible immediately, but if you request it I will reply eventually).
This group is about showing high quality Games Workshop art. Painted and Drawn, either natural media or, more usually, digital. Very occasionally if someone has sculpted, from the ground up , 3d model to a high standard, and then rendered it well, that will be accepted too, but the end image must be on a par with other artwork in the gallery folders.
Painted miniatures, conversions, etc.. Screen captures (however artfully posed) from Gary's mod, dawn of war, or other warhammer related games are not accepted. There are many groups that will happily accept those images. Their purpose is to allow fans of the hobby to express their fandom. This group is not one of those, it is here to showcase the best art relating to Games Workshop IP. It is not about elitism, anyone is free to submit, and we will endeavour to provide feedback that will help you improve. It is painful to be rejected, but please use that as an opportunity to try and learn and better your art. Believe me when i say i have been through that too (and still do).
Insulting me, or any other mod is not acceptable, and however good your art gets you will be banned from this group.
Sorry folks, i believe between the other admins and myself, life has kicked up a gear and being able to spend time on here has been at  a premium. I'm going to try and stay on top of submissions etc for the next few weeks, but i think it might be time to bring in some new blood to reinvigorate the group. Hopefully keep the high standard of GamesWorkshop related art, and keep you guys with fun stuff to look at when you hit DA.
Merry Christmas and happy holidays guys. :D
Okay... so the bad news (is it ?) is that the begginer / rookie thread is stabbed, shot, booted, phasered, torpedoed, railgunned, decapitated and thrown away like yesterday's bad lasagna. Case and closed.

Thus: please listen carefully, no more begginer stuff is accepted ... EVER

And yes there will be butthurt out there, but as long as there are 2-3 persons out there out of the 200 something watchers that open up the group deviantWATCH window and enjoy their moring coffe with some badass warhammer art and find some new pieces that they haven't saved or fave'd, well ... dammit I'm god damn happy.
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"You are not free whose liberty is won by the rigour of other, more righteous souls. Your are merely protected. Your freedom is parasitic, you suck the honourable man dry and offer nothing in return. You who have enjoyed freedom, who have done nothing to earn it, your time has come. This time you will stand alone and fight for yourselves. Now you will pay for your freedom in the currency of honest toil and human blood."

- Inquisitor Czevak Address to the Council of Ryanti












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SoulRebel9 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Professional General Artist
I recently started my own miniature painting business. I would greatly appreciate it if you took a look and possibly give my page a like on Facebook! 
Carancerth Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2015  Professional General Artist
Is it possible to consider photogrphies / cosplay ?
As I understand clearly you wanted to notch art... I hoe mine could suit, or perhaps props made for the costumes ?
Let me know if it could be considerate, or will simply be refused i nthe group =)
(Shoot not yet available; but soon it will be ;) )
Thanks a lot !
Andy-Butnariu Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
At this time nope. I mean if we find some proper good photos we might make a new folder for it, but as a general rule we don't accept photos or cosplay. Sorry :(
Carancerth Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2016  Professional General Artist
Could I suggest you to have a look on the begining of the set I did this summer?

here is the link to the gallery:…
And more are to come !
Andy-Butnariu Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Those are some seriously awesome cosplay pics man, but I'm sorry to say we don't accept those on the group. We usually only accept drawings
koyima Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
I was aiming for Warhammer Fantasy folder with a submission, but only featured appeared as an option and I can't find a way to submit directly to the Fantasy folder. Sorry if I wasted your time.
Andy-Butnariu Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
It might be because you're not a member. I'll be reworking some of the things in the group and hopefully things will up and running in a few days (I'll change it so non members can submit too)
Empyronaut Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2015
Just a kind question: Is there anybody out there that moderates or cares about this (pretty large) group anymore? There have been no new deviations for quite a while now and I tried to contribute some pics recently or simply suggested a fave from other artists, which simply expired. I have no problems with rejections when it comes to my stuff, but if there is no reaction or whatever at all, it doesn`t really help anyone.:? (Confused) 

There are 25 contributers, the founder and 3 co-founders, listed, that are all in the position to decide what makes it to your gallery and what not and there is really nobody willing to do so? In a group with 725 members, 1213 watchers and a lot of siteviews?

I`ve read the latest journal posts like "submissions- do`s and don`ts" or "The group still exists sort of..."btw, but I can`t see anything that got announced there happen. You said "everybody is free to submit and we will endeavour to provide feedback that will help you improve". And you said that you won`t have as much time to be around here in the future and that you would  bring in new blood to keep things going on. If that`s the problem then maybe PMing some members that have proven worthy in your eyes due to their contributions or actions or comments or whatever in the past and ask them if they would like to do some admin-stuff could help. Of course you would still set the rules and limitations and standards for them to decide what enters and what not, so you wouldn`t give it all away or something. You would hand it to the next generation that works in your favour and you still would be the Founder with all his powers and abilities to interact as he wishes. You would only have to control your admin minions from time to time without having all the work of writing critiques or stuff.

Please understand that this message is no "How can you reject my pics"-post. Like I said, that`s absolutely no problem to me. If I would run a "Best of 40k Artwork-Group" then I would definitely NOT put my stupid pics into it, though some of them are meant to be serious. I just want to know, if it still makes sense to watch this group or if trying to contribute is still a thing or if it is done or dead or something. That would be pretty sad. I mean, it is one of the largest 40k related groups here and I guess it took a lot of work and patience to grow it so far. Pleas don`t stop caring about it or even throw it away. It is a jewel and should be treated like one.

I`ve witnessed many great 40k related artworks from all kinds of artists here on DA recently that would definitely pass your high quality standard and inspire people to improve their own work.

Hopefully, this critique is articulated polite enough and not too harsh. English is not my native language, so please excuse if some terms are chosen wrong or sound disrespectfull. It is just meant to be a serious question or (in the best case) the foundation of a conversation about how to keep this thing rolling. I don`t want to see this dying. In fact I would love to see it prosper and that it keeps on being what it was: The No1 address for HQ 40k artwork on DA. Nod 

This was written in the public comment section and not sent via PM, because I would like to see what other members think about that. Maybe some made the same experiences during the last few weeks?
Thank you for reading this. Feel free to answer or discuss if you like. Hi! 
Andy-Butnariu Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Dear god man. The wall of text ... But I really appreciate the discussion.

...Really short answer: I will be reworking some of the folders on the group this week (even tweak some rules), and I'll be looking for some new people to help us keep in pace with all the new artwork. Basically we're almost down to a crawl because every piece of artwork has to be manually accepted in order to keep this standard of utmost high quality. Myself and all the co-founders are pretty busy people as is and checking the inbox folder and looking through +40 submissions per day isn't a easy task (add to that people who are really offended that we don't accept their art).

I'm totally up for suggestions on this, I'm busy as is with everything and keeping you peeps happy would help alot. The only thing that I'll accept for this group is really low quality or poorly drawn stuff.

And hey if you're passionate about the group and wanna help out, send me a pm and we'll talk.

Also NickHerbert, if you're reading this, you're my favourite person in the world XD
SoulRebel9 Featured By Owner Edited Jul 19, 2015  Professional General Artist
I just opened a Etsy shop for warhammer 40,000 miniatures. I also am open for miniature painting commissions if anyone is interested.…
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